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Transform Code Solutions make professional and bespoke websites your way, and use our vast experienced website design and development experts to make them work the way you want. These days most people like to be able to edit their own website, so we can offer simple and popular content management solutions. HTML5 has done away with version numbers from HTML.HTML will always be a work in progress. Therefore, the “5” in HTML5 does not mean version 5 of HTML. Instead, 5 refers to the snapshot of the latest work on HTML.


The Amazing Features of HTML5


  • Mutuality,
  • Cleaner markup / Improved Code,
  • Improved Semantics,
  • Elegant forms,
  • Improved Accessibility,
  • Fulfill the need of Web application etc.


HTML5 with great features will make web apps more responsive, more attractive and more like apps. HTML5 has many new features intended to make creating websites easier and people’s experience in using those websites better. HTML5 is not a new technology but a combination of a number of features created using various old and new HTML elemental tags. Among the commonly-used browsers, each browser supports most of the features of HTML5. It is for the developer to decide which features to incorporate in the website, keeping in mind what is supported by the browser. Here we explore the new features in HTML 5, including browser support, key features for mobile devices. HTML5 capabilities in top mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, Google Android and phones running on Palm webOS etc.